Where do advisors go
when they need advice?

The Study Group is a community-based practice management
platform for financial advisors.

Real solutions, real conversations, really good advisors.

Built to provide advisor-leaders a space to get answers to practice management questions real-time, organize and meet with peers, and share best practices.


What is The Study Group?

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process,
we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.

A place to give and get advice for your practice

A platform for practice management ideas, content and resources

A community of
high performers

Events to connect
with a network
of your peers

A space for

An easy way to talk real-time about what's working (and what's not)

We launched The Study Group because we couldn't find a single space for advisors to have open, honest conversations about their businesses that:

  • Wasn't tied into a larger platform (i.e. Twitter)
  • Wasn't biased or filtered in some way
    (i.e. your firm's intranet) 
  • Wasn't built on proprietary or outdated tech

The Study Group name pays homage to all the informal (and formal!) "study groups" all across the industry that have been meeting and sharing ideas for years. 

You can use this platform to:

Access curated content and resources created for you by practice management coaches

Meet in a private space with your own study group or connect with other advisors

To talk about your practice and team, and get answers to practice management questions 24/7.


Includes videos, guidebooks, tools & conversations focused around 5 key areas of practice management:

  • Planning & strategy
  • Human capital
  • Client acquisition
  • Client engagement
  • Leadership & sales


Made up of financial advisors building practices and growing teams, within broker-dealers or independently who are:

  • Looking to optimize their team structure
  • Figuring out how to grow/evolve efficiently
  • Considering buying books or merging
  • Scaling their marketing efforts
  • Approaching a capacity wall
  • In growth mode

We’ve taken the traditional study group concept and modernized it by providing a digital web-based platform that makes it seamless and easy to connect, talk and learn. 

Traditional, reimagined. 

How it Works

After signing up, you’ll immediately receive a quick questionnaire. We’ll use this information to ensure that we are curating content that pertains to you and your practice.

The membership fee is $129 a month. No additional charges, lock-ins, or contracts. All content on the platform is yours to keep and use.

Once you are signed up, you can begin posting, commenting, reading, learning and sharing!

Are You Ready to Get Started?